Upcoming Events

5th Bi-Annual International Conference for the Study of Philosophy of Edith Stein, Cello Solo

Cologne (Germany),

„Full moon nights" in Obernhof

Obernhof (Germany), Monastery Arnstein,

concert series „Full moon nights in Obernhof“
monastery Arnstein, gothic pilgrim hall

Solo recital piano music Hommage à Vienne

Euskirchen (Germany),


Berlin (Germany), intimate gathering,

Advent concert

Lohmar (Germany), Castle Auel,

Hommage à Vienne, Solorecital

Hamburg (Germany), Bechstein Center,

Hommage à Vienne, Solo-recital

Cologne (Germany), Bechstein Center,

Duo with Inna Kautzleben

Karlsruhe (Germany),

Hommage à Vienne, solo recital

Frankfurt Main (Germany), Bechstein Center,

solo recital

Eltville, Germany,